Auto Dent Removal?

Answer When you've spent a lot of money purchasing, insuring and maintaining a car, what you don't want or need is a dent marring the look of that car. No matter what the cause--a careless driver, a shopp... Read More »

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Auto Dent Removal Tools?

Removing a dent from a car requires several special tools made specifically for this job. Some tools may be substituted with general use tools, but the majority must be automotive tools. All auto d... Read More »

DIY Dent Removal?

Dents can be an eyesore even on a new car, but having them repaired at a body shop can be expensive. There are several ways you can repair dents yourself using a few tools found around your home or... Read More »

Removal of a Pipe Dent?

If you discover a dent in a pipe, decide on the type of pipe you're working with and your level of experience. If you're fairly handy, and can weld, you should be able to remove dents in many kinds... Read More »

Dent Removal Methods?

Regardless of the method, the goal of removing a dent on your car is to bring the affected area back to its original shape. Much of this will depend on the dent size, location on the vehicle body a... Read More »