Auto Charging Troubleshooting?

Answer An auto charging system, which consists of the regulator, alternator and the connecting wiring, maintains the battery's charge and supplies power to the automobile's electrical systems. Auto chargi... Read More »

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Automotive Charging System Troubleshooting?

The automotive charging system consists of the battery, the alternator, wiring and, in some cases, a charging system fuse or fusible link. Testing the charging system involves testing the battery, ... Read More »

Auto AC Vapor Charging Procedures?

A car's air conditioning (AC) functions to keep the driver and passengers comfortable in warm to hot climates. If it is malfunctioning due to low refrigerant levels, the system can be easily rechar... Read More »

What Are the Chemical Processes in Charging Auto Batteries?

An automotive battery is an electrochemical device which provides electrical power for an automobile. A battery produces electrical energy by means of the chemical reaction between the battery's el... Read More »

DIY Auto Troubleshooting?

Most auto problems can be troubleshooted based on early warning signs. Learning how to identify those signs is a critical step towards finding and fixing simple problems. Get to know your car when ... Read More »