Auto AC Repair Troubleshooting?

Answer Fixing an air conditioning problem with your car can be very expensive. When an A/C system needs repair or maintenance it can be a simple problem or more complicated. Troubleshooting a car's A/C sy... Read More »

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What happens when an auto is destroyed in a repair shop fire while it is being repaired from an auto accident that is someone else's fault?

Answer Usually garage keepers liability will cover the vehicle, but if not the other insurance company is still on the hook for at least the cost of the repair

Troubleshooting Auto AC?

The air outside is as hot as possible, but the AC in your car seems to be blowing even hotter air and is not cooling you off at all. You pound the steering wheel in frustration--resulting in even m... Read More »

DIY Auto Troubleshooting?

Most auto problems can be troubleshooted based on early warning signs. Learning how to identify those signs is a critical step towards finding and fixing simple problems. Get to know your car when ... Read More »

Auto Air Conditioning Troubleshooting?

Few situations are more frustrating than when you turn the air conditioning on in your car in the middle of a 90-degree day and find that it won't blow out any cold air. Just because the air isn't ... Read More »