Auto AC Problems?

Answer When the air conditioning (AC) goes out in your car in the midst of summer, you may think it's the worst thing that can go wrong. Before you panic over how much the repair is going to cost, trouble... Read More »

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Auto AC Compressor Problems?

Common air conditioning compressor problems include refrigerant leaks, electric clutch failures, and internal mechanical failures. Knowing the causes of these failures can go a long way to preventi... Read More »

Auto Paint Problems?

The process of painting a car, whether at the factory where it is being built or many years later as part of a restoration, is a complex series of steps. Each coat of paint must be carefully applie... Read More »

Auto A/C Compressor Problems?

On the hot, hot days of summer you count on your car's air conditioning to make the interior air tolerable. Key to the proper functioning of that system is the compressor, which is at the heart of ... Read More »

Troubleshooting Auto Starting Problems?

If there is a good cranking circuit in the car and it spins over but fails to start, there are three fundamental systems that must work properly and should be checked. The fuel and air management i... Read More »