Auto AC Compressor Problems?

Answer Common air conditioning compressor problems include refrigerant leaks, electric clutch failures, and internal mechanical failures. Knowing the causes of these failures can go a long way to preventi... Read More »

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Auto A/C Compressor Problems?

On the hot, hot days of summer you count on your car's air conditioning to make the interior air tolerable. Key to the proper functioning of that system is the compressor, which is at the heart of ... Read More »

How to Replace an Auto Air Compressor?

Automotive air conditioning compressors circulate freon coolant through a series of lines and hoses to an evaporator and condenser, cooling the interior via a blower. This compressor can fail (usua... Read More »

How to Drain R-12 Oil Out of the Auto Compressor?

One step toward converting your R-12-based air conditioning system to use R-134a refrigerant is changing the compressor oil. The mineral oil used with R-12 cannot be mixed with the oil used in R-13... Read More »

How to Test an Auto AC Compressor?

An air-conditioning compressor is a key component in a vehicle equipped with an AC controlled climate system. It is responsible for compressing the refrigerant in the system so it can be cooled and... Read More »