Australian Opal Identification?

Answer In 1993 the opal was declared Australia's national gemstone. This is fitting since Australia produces 95 percent of the world's precious opals.

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Australian Opal Information?

Opal is a precious gemstone, which is mainly found in Australia. Opal is one of six precious gemstones found on earth, the others are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls. More than 95 ... Read More »

What is the Australian black opal made of?

An opal is made of silicate and water, and is known by the chemical formula SiO3H2. A black opal is made when the spheres of amorphous silica contained in the gem are larger than in blue or red op... Read More »

Can antique opal rings have an opal veneer on top?

Antique opal rings can have veneer on top. There are many types of opal stones found in antique rings: solid, boulder, doublet, or triplet opals. Non-solid stones often have a veneer of opal attach... Read More »

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