Audiobook Publishing?

Answer Audiobooks are a thriving sector of the publishing world. According to the Audio Publishers Association, revenues were close to 1 billion dollars in 2009, the result of steady growth over the previ... Read More »

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How to organize pre-existing audiobook mp3 files into the iTunes Audiobook category?

Well, same thing happens to me and I still haven't found a solution either. It is quite annoying. I even tried changing the genre of the audiobook into Books & Spoken. But that didn't work either. ... Read More »

How big is an audiobook?

To find the size of an audiobook in megabytes, take the total runtime in seconds multiplied by the bitrate in kilobits per second divided by 8,192 megabytes per kilobit. Different audio books are o... Read More »

What is an audiobook?

Many adults perceive the audiobook as a way to make children lazy. Instead, audiobooks substantially improve the vocabulary and comprehension skills of English-language learners and kids that simpl... Read More »

How to Convert a CD Audiobook to MP3?

Converting your CD audiobook to MP3 requires audio conversion software that can either convert your CDs straight to MP3 while importing, or convert them after they import. Fortunately, PC and Mac u... Read More »