Audio device on high definition audio bus?

Answer try removing this from device manager and restart, then check device manager again to see if it has reinstalled itself properly

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What is a high definition audio codec?

A high definition audio codec is an audio format capable of playing back more channels at a higher quality than previous formats. The format is an advancement on how users interact with sound throu... Read More »

What is SigmaTel high-definition audio codec?

The SigmaTel high-definition audio codec is a driver that you can download to fix audio issues that occur following a soundcard or Windows update. Most versions of Microsoft Windows operating syste... Read More »

NVIDIA high definition audio not plugged in HELP!?

Unplug the cable for a few seconds and reconnect it.

Do I need an optical cable for high-definition audio?

No. An optical cable simply allows for the transmission of high-definition audio at high transmission speeds, with no electromagnetic interference and at low transmission power losses. Conventional... Read More »