Audio Problems (YouTube)?

Answer Please do as follows:1. Un install Adobe flash player Or if you like install on it. 2. Clear internet browser's history and cookies.3. Only Install Adobe flash player from their website and when in... Read More »

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How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audio Hijack Pro (Mac)?

Audio Hijack Pro is a free program for Mac computers that can be used to record audio from any application in mp3 file form, including YouTube videos in a web browser. It records the audio only fro... Read More »

Problems With the TiVo Audio?

TiVo is a device that records television programs for viewing at a later time. Input your entertainment preferences and TiVo selects programs with a similar theme. This feature makes TiVo a popu... Read More »

How to Get Your Audio Back on Youtube?

If the audio has been removed from your YouTube video because of copyright issues, and you have a good faith reason to believe that your use of the audio qualifies as fair use under U.S. law, this ... Read More »

My youtube video Audio?

Ur fine. I have a video like that, Paper Planes Chipmunked. lol There's nothing different about ur video except that ppl that are in certain foreign countries like...uhh...Indonesia or something ca... Read More »