Audi A6 Quattro Recalls?

Answer Automobile manufacturers recall specific vehicles in response to reports of mechanical or other automotive problems. If you have a car subject to a recall, have it repaired according to the manufac... Read More »

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Audi Q7 Recalls?

Automobile manufacturers issue recalls when mechanical, electric, or other defects render vehicles unsafe or unsuitable for driving. Manufacturers are responsible for providing remedies to defecti... Read More »

How to change Inner tie rod end on Audi A6 quattro?

Changing the inner tie rod requires a special inner tie rod end removal tool with a crows bar, and the process includes the removal of the outer tie rod end as well. However with the right tools, i... Read More »

DIY Audi Quattro A4 Brakes?

The Audi A4 Quattro has been an extremely popular model for Audi. It has helped to reestablish the company's sterling reputation after Audi was nearly driven out of the U.S. market by a problem wit... Read More »

Audi Sport Quattro Specs?

Based on Audi's successful S1 rally coupe, the Audi Sport Quattro is a street-legal supercar that, 25 years after its debut, is still capable of putting up impressive figures. The Sport Quattro is ... Read More »