Attention Anti Smokers!?

Answer AMEN Brother!!! That is a killing choice...if you don't like it move out of my smoke..and bite me.Im not putting it out!

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Fed up with anti-smokers?

I havent heard about surgeons having the choice to operate on smokers or not, but thats actually an interesting topic. In Aus, they have just started putting warnings on alcohol bottles such as "Dr... Read More »

Who cant wait for the NO SMOKING BAN!! Give us your views, smokers and non smokers!!?

I can't wait!! My Father died of Lung Cancer and DIDN'T SMOKE! It make me seethe when I think of the selfishness of smokers! They just don't care that they make you breathe in their smoke! I can't ... Read More »

Are auto insurance rates different for smokers and non-smokers?

Answer Maybe, I know of at least one company that offers a lower rate to a non-smoker.

Why do non smokers keep attacking smokers What are they scared of?

Most non smokers are from socialist family backgrounds and have pretensions of joining the educated and middle class . They think that by there silly protests will make them acceptable, But you may... Read More »