Attaching an external webcam to laptop?

Answer I bought the exact same webcam not too long ago! I personally have not used it on my laptop but rather my desktop instead and it fits nicely on top of my monitor. Depending on the width of your lap... Read More »

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How do I put a live webcam on my hobby web site Does a webcam hook up work on a laptop computer?

If you want to host live webcast, you can use or and embed the player on your site. You can use any web cam and there is no software because everything happens in the browser.... Read More »

Can a Mac laptop webcam& a Toshiba webcam work together?

The built-in iSight camera that is found on many Mac computers can be used to chat with all other computers and operating systems---including all Toshiba webcams. Chat clients such as iChat, AOL In... Read More »

Is it possible to hook a laptop to another laptop (to use as external monitor)?

No. Laptop's screen is internally connected to it and can't be connected to any other laptop or pc. However you can connect your laptop to a Monitor if you have VGA port on your laptop. I hope this... Read More »

Help with laptop webcam......please...?

there is only thing you can try > reload the webcam driver…this from your product support page,…Description:Webca... Read More »