Attaching Lights to Motherboard?

Answer If you must run them across the motherboard, I would not suggest connecting them to it.Anything in touch with the motherboard, especially using adhesive, is just asking for a potential problem down... Read More »

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What 810E motherboard is compatible with an Intel class motherboard?

The 810 chipset is made by Intel, making every 810 and 810E motherboard an Intel-class board. This chipset supports a range of Pentium III and Celeron processors with such features as embedded aud... Read More »

Need help with attaching suction to dildo?

Yes you can try sticking a sucker on with glue - superglue would do it, but you might find the off on and speed controls are on the end where you want to put the sucker. Secondly you may not be abl... Read More »

What is the danger (if any) of attaching my 6 volt?

Applying 12 volts to a 6 volts device runs the risk of burning out or damaging the device from the over-voltage. There is no shock hazard to speak of.

Attaching Molding Onto Cabinet Doors?

If your cabinet doors work well enough, there's no need to buy new ones. One fun and inexpensive way to make your kitchen seem newer, and to add a bit more of your own personality, is to add moldin... Read More »