Atom Types?

Answer Everything in the universe, besides energy, is made of matter. Matter consists of molecules, which essentially are groups of small particles called atoms. Therefore, atoms make up practically every... Read More »

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How to Tell an Ion From an Atom?

Atoms and ions are not very different, as all ions were former atoms. Atoms go through a process of electron swapping between each other, which can give them extra electrons or missing electrons. T... Read More »

What does the nucleus of an atom contain?

The nucleus contains protons and neutrons. Protons contain a positive charge within the nucleus, while neutrons contain a neutral charge. The nucleus is where most of the atom's mass resides.Refere... Read More »

What is inside an atom?

The inside of an atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. The nucleus of the atom contains protons and neutrons, while electrons, which are smaller in size, move around the outside of th... Read More »

What is an atom in chemistry?

An atom is the smallest single unit of matter that exists as a specific element. Atoms consist of three parts: positively charged protons, uncharged neutrons and negatively charged electrons. The n... Read More »