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Answer Finally a culinary expert who shares my passion... It is not everyone who is endowed with a sophisticated enough palate to appreciate rodent.

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How to Follow Dr. Atkins' Diet?

The types of food that you eat may affect your weight. That's why certain diets, like the Atkins Diet, may help some individuals to lose weight. When you follow Dr. Atkins’ diet, you reduce the a... Read More »

How to Stick to the Atkins Diet?

Research indicates that the Atkins diet is as effective and as safe as conventional diets. In fact, people on the Atkins diet reported more significant improvements in their HDL and triglycerides l... Read More »

How to Stop the Atkins Diet?

Many people who follow the Atkins diet wonder how they can maintain the changes after they’ve reached their goal weight. To stop the Atkins diet, stick with your appropriate number of carbohydrat... Read More »

How to Prepare for the Atkins Diet?

Preparing for the Atkins diet could mean radical changes to your lifestyle and to the way that you eat. Make sure that you take some time to think realistically about the changes that you will be m... Read More »