Ati radeon 7850 or Ati radeon 6970?

Answer 7850. Prices were just cut on them making them very hard to ignore, they dropped down to £155+ today. 6970 is faster but the 7850 overclocks like a beast and can easily boost past 6970 performance... Read More »

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Radeon HD 7850 1GB vs 2GB?

If you have the extra money then go for it.But, if not just stick with 1gb.

Gtx 480 or Radeon HD 7850 for a new build?

The Radeon 7850 is the better choice overall both cards offer about the same performance. but the 7850 uses far less power and produces far less heat, and has tons of overclocking headroom.

650 ti boost versus radeon 7850?

as per tomshardware's graphics card hierarchy chart, both fall at same level…checkout this review,…check the benc... Read More »

What psu is recommended for 2 radeon hd 7850's in crossfire?

I would go with atleast 750-800 watts. Maybe more, for future-proofing purposes.Buy a modular one, it makes cable management better. I bought a 750W OCZ for $109.99 CAD, it was overkill since I'm o... Read More »