AthlonXP 2400 with 1GB of RAM. What will help most with video?

Answer For video encoding, the processor is the most important thing. 1GB of ram is enough for any encoding application, but some video editing programs like Adobe Premier can benefit from more. But you... Read More »

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Will green tea with lemon help with sore throats?

Any warm tea with a little bit of honey does the trick for me.

How to Print With an Epson 2400?

The Epson Stylus r2400 printer offers users a wide range of options, allowing for printing on a variety of paper types from matte to glossy. Users can print out documents in full print and black-an... Read More »

Will my HP G55 printer work with a laptop with Windows7-Got not help from their customer service?

Hi yesbut you will need to install the operating disc on your laptop for the laptop to recognize the printerif it doesnt work straight away as aa plug and play once you plug them together and do a ... Read More »

How do I scan a document with an HP 2400 Photosmart?

Load the DocumentTurn on the HP 2400 Photosmart and lift up the cover above the scanner glass. Place the document face down and align the corners with the grid on the side of the glass. Close the s... Read More »