Athabascan/Alaska Native Beading Techniques?

Answer The Athabascan people live in central Alaska. The name "Athabascan" is a Cree word meaning "grass here and there." The word originally described a large lake and grew to encompass all of the Native... Read More »

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The History of Beading?

Beading is a craft that uses small beads to create an item for decoration or to be worn. Beading has been popular at various times throughout history. The first "beads" were made by cavemen as far ... Read More »

Do it Yourself Shoe Beading?

Beading your shoes will revitalize ordinary footwear to reflect your personal taste. Depending on the beads you choose, you can either glue them to the surface of your shoe or sew them on. You can... Read More »

What is lampwork beading?

Glass bead making is an ancient art form that is still practiced today. Glass beads have been found in Anglo-Saxon graves. Today it is something that anyone can do at home with basic equipment.Basi... Read More »

Where did beading first originate?

Beading probably originated in Africa. In the Blombos cave in South Africa, archeologists have found evidence dating back 75,000 years ago of shells bored with holes so that they could be strung to... Read More »