Ate to much today, do i eat less tomorrow?

Answer 250 calories over one day is not going to make a huge difference.Eat your 1250 tomorrow to maintain nutrition levels.The bigger problem is you are already at a calorie deficit of 250 calories a day... Read More »

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Been invited to a hot tub party tomorrow but i came on today?

stick one up there and go have fun hunny!

I ate badly today will it have an impact on my weigh in tomorrow?

You didn't go over your calorie limit, so I doubt you'll gain weight. When losing weight just try to avoid eating "empty calories" that don't give you real energy, but just get stored as fat (but v... Read More »

Is "Hair today, gone tomorrow" a good slogan?

"Gone today, hair tomorrow" might work better.

I was supposed to start taking my pill again today but can't get any until tomorrow?

yes, i done this many times and read on the pack to use condoms also for at least 7 days after missing a pill, however when i went to get the implant, the subject came up with the doctor and he sai... Read More »