Ate moldy fruit help!?

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How to Fix a Moldy Car Interior?

You have tried air freshener after air freshener, but your car still has the wet smell of mold. You tried to air the car out, but that only helped for a while. In order to permanently remove the sm... Read More »

How bad is it to eat moldy bread?

it's only a problem if your allergic to mold...and that type of mold.there are a lot of different kinds. what is the difference between eating that and Brie, or Blue Cheese anyway? I eat moldy brea... Read More »

What Can You Do for Moldy Hair?

No one wants moldy or mildewed hair. Unfortunately, the convenience of leaving the hair wet and covered or pinned up for extended periods of time can bring you face to face with a moldy hair disas... Read More »

Moldy pizza?