Ate a possibly bad hambuger...?

Answer You should definetly go to the hospital because you could die!!!! You gotta go to tge emergency room and tell them what happened and they will pump your stomach. Be vegitarian its better!

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How can I be as healthy as I can possibly be?

Eat tons of candy and ice cream!! Don't forget to watch alot of TV and play on the internet ALL DAY, you will be toned in no time!!

Can i possibly overdose.!?

You would have to take a lot more than that in one session to OD. However you should not be taking more than eight tablets a day and no more than 2 every four hours. More than that can cause liver ... Read More »

How Can I Possibly Save My Roses?

they probably do need a light pruning... you don't want to cut them back too hard since they're not doing well. roses are heavy feeders, so they probably need fertilizer. get some miracle grow an... Read More »

Is my computer possibly hacked?

I don't think it is, have you seen viruses, computer slow downs? Any different thing happening. I know I would be scared if I sold my ipod to a complete stranger that was a hacker! Who knows what h... Read More »