At what voltage is the sign high voltage required?

Answer According to the published standard 1926.405(b)(3)(ii) set by the Occupational Safety & Health Agency, if voltage for wiring or equipment is 600 volts or greater, you should put a prominent, perman... Read More »

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What is the required voltage for ATX motherboards?

An ATX motherboard's main Molex power connector accepts three different types of power: 3.3, 5 and 12 volts. In addition to the main connector, you may also see a four-pin connector, which carries... Read More »

Can you run an AC voltage light bulb on DC voltage?

Light bulbs, rated in volts and watts, work on either AC or DC. But the DC voltage source needs to put out enough voltage to operate the light bulb. Most light bulbs for AC work on 110 volts.Source... Read More »

How do I test a high-voltage capacitor?

DischargingDischarge the capacitor by taking two insulated screwdrivers and attaching one to one of the capacitor terminals and the second to the other terminal, and then sliding the screwdrivers ... Read More »

My CPU is making weird noise like high voltage o.O?

same here idk what to do..tell me if you get to know any solution..grr