At what time of the year are king cakes prepared?

Answer King cakes are a Louisiana tradition. They are commonly made of a round ring of sweetened dough decorated in purple, yellow and green. King cakes are only baked during Mardi Gras season, which begi... Read More »

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Why are king cakes round?

A beloved Mardi Gras tradition, the king cake is now enjoyed year round as a tasty treat. The sugary cakes are named in honor of the three wise men who delivered gifts to the newborn baby Jesus.Ide... Read More »

What do king cakes represent?

King cake parties are held throughout the carnival season in New Orleans and other communities where Mardi Gras is celebrated. The tradition came with the early French settlers of the region.Origin... Read More »

What is the meaning of king cakes?

The king cake is a Christian tradition that celebrates Jesus and the three kings on the 12th night after Christmas. This day is known as the Epiphany and falls on Jan. 6. It marks the beginning of ... Read More »

What year were Betty Crocker cakes invented?

The mythical person known as "Betty Crocker" was created in 1921 by General Mills. In 1947, the first Betty Crocker cake mix was introduced; the home baker just had to add water. In 1952, the cake ... Read More »