At what time in the pregnancy is it normal to start leaking from your breasts?

Answer Answer At any time, it differs for each woman. Answer Usually in the third trimester you will start to experience leakage of colostrum which is produced prior to milk production after the birth of ... Read More »

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If three pregnancy tests come out negative and you have had a normal period for the last two months but you noticed your breasts leaking could you still be pregnant?

Answer Breast leaking in pregnancy usually doesn't occur until at least 5 months pregnant. I would say you are safe on the pregnancy part but I'd go to the gyno if you are leaking, and have not re... Read More »

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you are leaking from your breasts in the third week of your cycle?

Answer I'm having this myself and I'm not pregnant hun. Discharge from your beast CAN be pregnancy related, hormonal related, irritation or infection in the milk ducts causing the discharge or too ... Read More »

If your breasts are leaking a lot during pregnancy can you pump them?

Answer NO, pumping and nipple stimulation, can cause early labor.

At 7months pregnant your breasts are leaking a clear fluid is that normal?

Yes it is, don't wipe it off when you notice it, rub it in, it serves as natural moisturizer to help prevent sore or cracked nipples.