At what temperature will wood catch a fire spontaneously?

Answer There are hundreds of types of wood, all with different chemical compositions. Thus, there is no single ignition temperature for wood. However, according to T.C. Forensics, woody material ignites b... Read More »

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Is it possible for a British gentleman's moustache to spontaneously catch fire?

Hell's whiskers, Rotty!I know of only one time in British history when spontaneously combusting moustaches ever seriously threatened the nation's morale - and that was shortly after the passing of ... Read More »

Will a memory stick catch fire if you throw it in the bin?

Will an iPhone catch on fire if it is charged too long?

sometimes the cord will melt, but i haven't heard of them catching on fire.Actually, I was sitting at the computer with my friend uploading a video and the I phone 3gs was only plugged in for a hal... Read More »

I spilled gas on my hair dryer, will it catch fire if I turn it on?

If it were me, I would NOT turn it on at all. A hair dryer cost what? eighteen bucks... I would choose to be on the safe side and purchase a NEW hairdryer.