At what temperature will a pc processor not work anymore?

Answer The temperature depends a great deal on the model and speed of the CPU. For example, an Intel Pentium 4 3.6 GHz processor should have a maximum case temperature of 69.2 degrees Celsius, while the I... Read More »

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Will a game requiring a 2.0 ghz processor work with a dual core 1.4 ghz processor?

When it comes to CPU... yes, a 2.0 will work even on a single core 1.4, just slower.Mind you, "by the book" your dual-core is 1,200mhz (1.2ghz) which is "accelerated" to 1,400mhz. This makes it r... Read More »

Can a quad core processor brake because of the temperature/load differences between different cores?

You shouldn't be able to physically break the processor by putting different loads onto the 4 cores if you have correct and sufficient cooling. The maximum temperature that the chip will reach wil... Read More »

Why won't my DVD player work anymore?

At this point it wouldn't hurt to open it up and see if there is anything stuck in there that looks like it shouldn't be there. I've removed discs that fell down inside as well as other things that... Read More »

Can you take so much tylenol that it just doesn't work anymore ?

It's possible to build a tolerance. You should watch how much you take, since it builds up in your liver. Especially if you drink at all. And IMO there are much better OTC meds for headaches any... Read More »