At what temperature should you apply fertilizer to a new lawn?

Answer According to the Purdue Turfgrass Science Program, two types of nitrogen fertilizers for laws are available on the market. Quick release nitrogen is inexpensive and works quickly, but will burn new... Read More »

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Methods Used to Apply Fertilizer to a Lawn?

If you're having trouble keeping your lawn lush and green or are just dedicated to maintaining an already well-manicured one, there seemingly endless options when it comes to choosing a fertilizer.... Read More »

Should You Apply Lawn Fertilizer Before It Rains?

Fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, which are necessary for healthy lawn growth. To avoid nutrient loss and environmental damage, do not apply lawn fertilizer before hea... Read More »

How often can I apply Scotts Lawn Pro Phosphorous Free fertilizer?

Scotts Turf Builder Pro Lawn Fertilizer 32-0-4 with 2 percent iron contains no phosphates. The manufacturer recommends applying in early spring, late spring and early fall for the best results. Thi... Read More »

Can I Put Fertilizer on My Lawn If I Have a Dog?

Exposure to chemical fertilizers can be harmful to dogs, but dog lovers don't have to choose between their dogs and their lawns. By taking special care when using fertilizers, they can keep their l... Read More »