At what temperature should my AMD Sempron 3100 run?

Answer In 2004, computer website X-bit Labs tested the AMD Sempron 3100+ processor and found that at its stock speed, the processor's temperature ranges between 47 to 60 degrees Celsius (116.6 to 140 degr... Read More »

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What is an AMD Sempron?

The AMD Sempron is a brand of processors developed by AMD and marketed as a "budget" line for basic computing. They lack the power that many high-end processors have, but are less expensive.DesignA... Read More »

What is an AMD Sempron SI-40?

AMD is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world and manufactures a competitive line of processors. Sempron, one of AMD's budget processors, is Latin for "semper," meaning "always," s... Read More »

What socket is an AMD Sempron?

As of 2010, AMD Sempron processors use the AM3 socket. AMD's Athlon II and Phenom II processors also use the AM3 socket, giving Sempron owners an upgrade path without purchasing a new motherboard. ... Read More »

What is an SM Bus Controller on an AMD Sempron?

A System (SM) Bus Controller is used with the Intel chipset to monitor a motherboard's voltage and temperature. Any applications that use hardware sensors to monitor temperature and voltage need an... Read More »