At what temperature does liquid nicotine vaporize?

Answer The boiling point and vaporization temperature of liquid nicotine is at 247 degrees Celsius, or 476.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquid nicotine has a melting point and converts to liquid phase at -79 deg... Read More »

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What temperature does gas vaporize at?

Vaporization describes the phase change from liquid to gas, and different liquids vaporize at different temperatures. Water boils at 100 degrees Celcius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). However, the heat ... Read More »

At what temperature does THC vaporize?

Vaporization of marijuana occurs that processors can evaporate its psychoactive ingredient, namely THC, without causing combustion of irritable toxins. The best temperature for vaporizing THC is 3... Read More »

At what temperature does oxygen become a liquid?

Oxygen in air becomes a liquid at a temperature of -183 degrees Celsius (or -361.4 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the "Lansing State Journal." But if cooled to -196 C (-384.8 F), nitrogen liquif... Read More »

What is the temperature of liquid oxygen?

Liquid oxygen has a boiling temperature of -297 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufacturers extract liquid oxygen from air using a distillation process. The fluid is used in medical respiration treatments an... Read More »