At what temperature does heating oil freeze?

Answer The freezing point of heating oil is also called the cloud point. It's called the cloud point, because its the temperature when wax crystals begin appearing in the oil making it murky. The cloud po... Read More »

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Can heating oil freeze outside?

If you live someplace where it gets extremely cold--below -40 degrees F--then it is possible for heating oil stored outside to freeze. Ask your vendor what the "cloud point" of the oil you are purc... Read More »

At what temperature does heating oil gel?

When heating oil is lowered to the temperature of 16 degrees F or -9 degrees C, it begins to gel, or thicken. This is caused by particles from heating oil additives solidifying into waxy particles ... Read More »

What is the temperature of a heating pad?

Heating pads are used to reduce pain and muscle stiffness. Most electric heating pads have a temperature control and can reach temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Because heating pads c... Read More »

What temperature do you keep your heating at when its on in winter?

I usually set it at 62 during the day (when I'm gone and the sun comes in and helps heat the house) and 68 at night.