At what temperature does corn pop?

Answer Popcorn kernels will pop when they reach an average temperature of 347 degrees. This popping action occurs as the moisture inside each kernel turns to steam during the heating process. Since the st... Read More »

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What temperature is best to grow sweet corn?

The best temperature to grow sweet corn is between 68 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit stop growth and temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit damage the pol... Read More »

Is it true that one of the signs of pregnancy is a higher temperature and if so what does your temperature usually run when you are pregnant?

AnswerHello -No this isn't true. Some women do claim their temperature increases by a few degrees when they conceive but there is no actual medical proof of this. During the evening the basal body ... Read More »

How Does Baby Corn or Asian Corn Grow?

Despite common assumptions that baby corn is only harvested from tiny corn plants, the vegetable comes from early harvest of immature corn plants that would eventually produce full-sized ears if le... Read More »

How does corn grow from a corn seed?

The sun gives it life through mother earth