At what temperature does a paper towel burn?

Answer Paper has an autoignition temperature (the temperature at which it spontaneously ignites) of 233 degrees Celsius, or 451 degrees Fahrenheit. This applies to all types of paper, including paper towe... Read More »

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Do towel warmers burn?

A towel warmer, if installed properly, should not burn. Some operate with water running through their piping and allow you to set the temperature. If you make sure to set it no higher than 150 degr... Read More »

Who invented the first paper towel?

Arthur Scott, who worked for Scott Paper Company, invented the first paper towels by accident. After the factory accidentally made a batch of overly thick toilet paper, Scott perforated the rolls a... Read More »

Paper Towel Experiments?

Paper towels are a pretty common item around the house, and you have several options for turning this everyday item into a fun and interesting science experiment. Paper towels are used primarily fo... Read More »

Why would you put soap on a paper towel and then go in the stall?