At what temperature and pressure are diamonds formed?

Answer The formation of diamonds requires temperatures of 900 to 1,200 degrees Celsius, which equals about 1,652 to 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit, along with pressure of 5 to 6 gigapascal, which equals 725,189... Read More »

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Are diamonds formed in volcanoes?

Natural diamonds are not formed in volcanoes. They are formed about 100 miles deep in the Earth, under conditions of high temperature and pressure. However, many diamonds found on or near the surfa... Read More »

At what temperature do diamonds burn?

Diamonds burn at high temperatures between 1,292 and 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit (700 and 900 degrees Centigrade). Diamonds also can melt (turn from a solid to a liquid) and boil (turn from a liquid t... Read More »

At what temperature do diamonds melt?

Diamonds are an allotrope of the element carbon. The temperature at which diamonds melt, known as the melting or freezing point, is 3,550 degrees Celsius (equivalent to 3,823 kelvins or 6,422 degre... Read More »

Pressure Cooker Temperature & Pressure?

Pressure cookers use high temperatures combined with forced air to cook foods faster than many other techniques. The appliances come in stovetop models and stand-alone types that plug directly into... Read More »