At what temp will a match ignite?

Answer According to the Mad Sci Network, a match ignites when the head reaches a temperature of 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The head contains sulfur, and the friction against a matchbox results in the flame.S... Read More »

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What makes a match ignite?

Many see matches as a simple mechanism - you strike it against a rough surface and it ignites. Matches are surprisingly complex for such small objects and are ignited through a chemical reaction th... Read More »

What if your 32 month old son has a temp of 38.7 but he feels so much hotter have tryed Tylenol and tepid bath at what temp should you bring him to the dr?

Call your doctor or the hospital and ask what to do ASAP. Although a 38.7 C/101 F fever is a serious fever, I don't think it's cause for panic. Make sure your child is consuming enough liquids and ... Read More »

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I burned myself with a match Halloween night. The match was already out and it accidentally touched my face?

Yes, neosporin will be better than aloe vera. Aloe vera gel is for numbing and soothing minor burns such as sunburn. It will do nothing to prevent infection, while neosporin will; and burns have a ... Read More »