At what stage in pregnancy does the baby drop?

Answer The "baby drop" is officially called lightning....when it happens depends on how many times you have been in labor. For first time mom's lightning can happen up to two weeks before labor begins....... Read More »

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When will the baby drop if this is not your first pregnancy?

Answer The baby dropping is so different for everyone. There is no magical date.

At what stage in pregnancy does your nipples turn brown and hard?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy but EVERY women are different.

At what stage of pregnancy do you get movement?

Anywhere from 16 - 22 weeks is when movement is typically first felt. However, beginning at 28 weeks movement should become regular and monitored by counting kicks. This can be done by counting how... Read More »

When does a baby drop in the womb?

The baby "drops"--that is, rests lower in the pelvic area--around week 36 of pregnancy. It is normal, though, for some babies to drop any time within the last few weeks of pregnancy or even just be... Read More »