At what speed should a CPU fan spin?

Answer CPU fans vary in speed. The fan included with the retail-boxed Intel Core 2 Extreme processor spins at a maximum speed of 2900 RPM. Computer fans designed for near-silent operation often spin at mu... Read More »

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Why have speed cameras on roads that look like you should be going faster than what the speed limit is?

Speed cameras I don't mind, but what I really hate is seeing some copper on the side of the pavement with a ray gun (let's call them ray guns) trying to get people in the morning rush-hour traffic.... Read More »

What direction should ceiling fans spin in the summer?

The ceiling fan should be set counterclockwise, so that the air from the fan blows downwards.

My washing machine will not spin during spin cycle.?

Next time include name and model of washer along with a good description of problem. As it is ==I would take a putty knife and "pop" the deck lid up. Look for your lid switch == do you see 2 wires ... Read More »

Which direction should a ceiling fan spin?

To cool rooms in warm weather with a direct, downward breeze, ceiling fans should spin in a counterclockwise direction. Ceiling fans work best in cold seasons when the blades operate in a clockwise... Read More »