At what point did soda turn into an everyday beverage?

Answer Carbonated beverages achieved great popularity in America after 1832, when John Mathews invented his apparatus for the making carbonated water. In 19th century, soda was considered a healthy drink.

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I turn my computer on everyday and everyday i have to sign onto every acct?

if you had ccleaner they have an option to keep cookies that means when you sign in to facebook or yahoo or any other they will keep them and you wont have to sign in all the time so if you get it... Read More »

Pop, Soda, Soft Drink, or Carbonated Beverage?

I usually say soda. In Texas, though, we basically call everything Coke.

What is the freezing point of soda?

The freezing point of regular soda is around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Diet sodas freeze at about 32 degrees. According to Coca Cola, the presence of sugar lowers a liquid's freezing point, which is w... Read More »

What is the freezing point of soda pop?

Due to the high sugar content, carbon dioxide content and the pressure inside the bottle, most soda pops freeze at a lower temperature than water. Coke and Pepsi both freeze at about 28 to 30 degre... Read More »