At what parallel does the equator lie?

Answer A parallel is an another term for referring to the lines of latitude that run east to west around the surface of the Earth to help ships and aircraft navigate. Because the equator circles in the c... Read More »

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At what latitude does the equator lie?

The equator is an imaginary line that circles around the center of the Earth. Based on the standard coordinate system of longitude and latitude, the equator's latitude is at 0 degrees.Source:Latitu... Read More »

What is a parallel branch called in a parallel circuit?

Electricians simply call the branches in a parallel circuit "branches." If you reference the current through branches, call each branch a "path." Call components that impede current within branches... Read More »

Why is the equator called the equator?

The etymology of the word "equator" dates back to root words used in the Latin and English languages. They denote the role and geographical location of this line of latitude as an equalizer.Middle ... Read More »

What is the average temperature at the equator?

The Earth's equator has an average temperature of at least 77 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 to 33 degrees Celsius. This is not the hottest climate on Earth due to numerous storms that frequent the... Read More »