At what level does a monkfish stop burning with cooking gloves?

Answer In the game Runescape, cooking gauntlets have almost no effect on the burn rate of monkfish, according to the Runescape strategy guide You stop burning monkfish at about a cooking level of ... Read More »

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What zone does the monkfish live in?

Monkfish are native to the Northern Atlantic Coast and are a common catch for New England fishermen looking for Atlantic cod and scallops. Monkfish used to be discarded, but the decline of cod in t... Read More »

Would spraying your hair with water stop the burning during a perm?

no, water will just make it run, and make it easier for it to get it on your scalp. if your getting it done at a salon, you need to tell them to keep it off of your scalp! it's not supposed to be a... Read More »

I am cooking with a stainless steel frying pan how do I stop eggs sticking to the pan?

Step 1.) Use non-stick cooking spray.Step 2.) Buy a coated non-stick pan.Step 3.) Ignore step 2 and you clean the pan.

Does olive oil stop spaghetti sticking together when cooking?

Any Italian chef will tell you that this idea is nothing but a myth. It does nothing to the pasta - it just helps increase the profit of the olive oil producers !