At what income level do you not pay income tax?

Answer Single people under 65 who cannot be claimed on anyone else's taxes need not file a tax return if their annual gross income is less than $9,350. Singles over 65 who can't be claimed on someone else... Read More »

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HEY AMERICANS! how much income tax do you pay per level of income?

It sounds like you're asking about the marginal rate, i.e. the rate in each "tax bracket."We pay federal and state taxes. Since there are 50 states I won't detail all their rates, but here are the ... Read More »

Stratification of High Income, Middle Income and Low Income Nations?

The World Bank uses a system of classification of all countries' economies by income for analytical purposes. The main classification criteria is gross national income (GNI) per capita, with every ... Read More »

What type of tax is one that takes a smaller percent age of income from high-income people than from low-income people?

Probably a regressive tax, but also unfair, immoral, and probably Republican written.

What is the low to moderate income level?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2008, households considered low income earn between $0 and $20,712. The range between low income and the lower range of median income is $20,713 to $39,00... Read More »