At what height should wall sconces be hung?

Answer Wall sconces come in three different types: upswept, downswept and center mount. The best height to mount a sconce depends on its type, but typically sconces get mounted at eye-level or roughly 5-f... Read More »

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At what height should wall sconces be installed?

Wall sconces can be placed at varying heights. It all depends on not just the height of the ceilings, but your height as well. A good rule of thumb is to keep the sconce at your eye level.Source:Ap... Read More »

What is the correct height for wall sconces?

On One Hand: Many VariablesThere are many variables that can determine the proper height for your sconces. The height of the people in your family and visitors is one. When they walk by, you don't ... Read More »

What is the standard height for wall sconces?

Here is where the good designers/architects really shine: one must know one's clients. The best height for a wall sconce is the one that allows most of the people living in the house to enjoy the l... Read More »

What do you put on wall sconces?

You don't need to put anything on it.