At what height should a chair rail be placed?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional Chair Rail HeightChair rail installation is traditionally 1/3 of the way up a wall, measuring from the floor. The 2-to-1 ratio is architecturally classic and visually pleas... Read More »

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What is the typical height of a chair rail?

According to, a chair rail should be installed at 32 inches to 36 inches above the floor, depending on your furniture and room. Chair rails are used to protect walls and for decorative... Read More »

What is the correct height for a chair rail?

There is no standard height for a chair rail. The best height for your chair rail would be the same height as the top of your dining room or kitchen chairs. With most standard chairs, this would be... Read More »

What is the standard height of a chair rail?

Chair rail is molding used around the perimeter of a room. The standard height for chair rail is one-third of the way up a wall. To find one-third, measure the height of the wall and divide by thre... Read More »

What is the proper height to install a chair rail?

On One Hand: Traditional Placement Is Two to OneTraditional chair rail height is at the dividing line between the upper two-thirds of a wall and the lower one-third. Because ceiling heights differ,... Read More »