At what height do you put a showerhead?

Answer Officially, there is no standard or uniform shower head height that builders must conform to. However, the Marriot hotel chains' standards are representative. The chain use a standard shower head h... Read More »

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My height is 179cm or 5feet 10 n half inches. is my height abnormalwhat is standerd height of a male human?

In the US you'd be considered right about average - the average American male is five feet nine inches. I don't know about Indian males and how height can benefit you there.

How to Buy a Showerhead?

A good showerhead can make your morning shower worth waking up for. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision when selecting a new showerhead for your bathroom. Ho... Read More »

How do I unclog a showerhead?

Unclogging with VinegarFill a plastic bag halfway with white vinegar. Position the bag over the shower head, so the clogged portion is able to soak in the vinegar. Place a rubber band around the op... Read More »

How to Select a Showerhead?

Showering is a normal part of life in modern society, and you likely hop inside your shower for at least one good cleaning a day. This means that your showerhead gets a lot of action and has an imp... Read More »