At what depth should you plant leeks?

Answer Leek seeds should be planted approximately one-quarter of an inch into the soil and spaced about 1 inch apart. Drills (rows) of seeds should be approximately 6 inches apart in the garden bed.Source... Read More »

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What depth should i plant campanula seeds?

Campanula seeds should not be planted directly in the ground. The should be sown on the surface of the soil and spaced twelve inches apart. Germination takes two to three weeks.Source:USA Gardener:... Read More »

What depth should I plant zucchini seeds?

Zucchini should be planted at a depth of about 1 inch, with four or five seeds per group. Water the seeds two to three times per week until germination. The first crop should be ready to eat in le... Read More »

At what depth should I plant tomato marmande seeds?

Marmande tomato seeds should be planted at a soil depth of one-sixteenth of an inch. The seeds germinate in about one to two weeks. Marmande tomatoes are known for their flattened shape and their o... Read More »

What depth should I plant mini bell pepper seeds?

Start your mini bell peppers inside by planting the seeds from 1/4- to 1/2-inch deep in soil in cells or small pots, just as you would do with regular bell peppers. These tropical plants need warm ... Read More »