At what cycle does the soap dispenser open in a dishwasher?

Answer No

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What is wrong with my dishwasher when the Dishwasher soap dispenser open but soap not disolved after wash cycle?

I used to have this problem but solved it by using tablets instead of powder - problem gone!

Dishwasher soap dispenser?

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My Dishwasher Is Leaving Soap in the Dispenser and Not Cleaning the Dishes?

If you've even opened your dishwasher after a cycle only to find a dispenser full of soap and still-dirty dishes, you understand how frustrating a nonworking appliance can be. In this instance, you... Read More »

When does the dispenser open in a dishwashing cycle?

The soap dispenser on a dishwasher typically opens at the beginning of the wash cycle. The machine's timer, which controls the length of the cycles, also triggers the soap dispenser to open at the ... Read More »