At what age will a valencia orange tree first produce?

Answer Orange trees grown from seed will take ten years or more to mature and produce fruit. The majority of Valencia orange trees are grafted, placing a mature scion on a specific rootstock. A grafted ... Read More »

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When should a valencia orange tree first produce?

Valencia orange trees begin to produce fruit around early February and grow through late summer. A budded Valencia orange tree will usually have fruit about three seasons after it is planted.Sourc... Read More »

How tall does a valencia orange tree get?

Valencia orange trees range anywhere from 8 to 25 feet in height. The actual size is determined by how it's grown. If you grow it in an open area with plenty of light, it'll grow larger. If it's p... Read More »

How Do I Get My Orange Tree to Produce Fruit?

Orange trees produce bright-color and sweet-smelling buds each winter, but some growers can become frustrated when these buds do not develop into fruit. The fruit usually develops between 5 and 18 ... Read More »

How big do valencia orange trees get?

Valencia oranges ripen and become ready to be harvested in three different sizes. The sizes are called 44s, 88s, and 138s. The largest Valencia oranges are 44s, which means that 44 oranges will fit... Read More »