At what age should we wear braces?

Answer There isnt a set age, probably when your baby teeth all come out

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What do you have to wear after braces?

When I received my retainer, they were clear plastic like ones, there seems to be different kinds however. I had to wear them for a year, only because my teeth were on bad shape. So the time varies... Read More »

Do you wear braces?

Nope, I have perfectly straight teeth. YAY! :)

Is it OK to wear braces at 16?

Why wouldn't it be fine to wear braces at that age?Many people wear braces and these are all at varying times in their lives. Some even decide when they're older after their teeth have stopped grow... Read More »

How many teens wear braces?

According to, more than 70 percent of American teenagers wear, or will require, braces at some point in their lives. Famous people who wore braces as teenagers include Miley Cyrus, T... Read More »