At what age should we wear braces?

Answer There isnt a set age, probably when your baby teeth all come out

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For what amount of time should one continue to wear retainers after braces?

It is recommended that you wear them while you sleep for the rest of your life. You should get your dentist to check the fit when you have your teeth cleaned.

How Long Should You Wear a Retainer After Braces?

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Clear braces or metal braces what should i get?

Many orthadontist don't recomend invisiline cuz it keep bateria close to the teeth and some times causes problems also it does take in your saliva that can be tinted with a drink or something you a... Read More »

What do you have to wear after braces?

When I received my retainer, they were clear plastic like ones, there seems to be different kinds however. I had to wear them for a year, only because my teeth were on bad shape. So the time varies... Read More »