At what age should a child see an eye doctor?

Answer A child should first visit the eye doctor when he is in the age range of three to six months old. He should also visit the eye doctor again at the age of three years. After the age of three, a chil... Read More »

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How to Get Your Child to Like Going to the Doctor?

Does your child make a fuss when you take them to the doctors? Most small children won't let doctors examine them, and this can be stressful for everyone. Find out how to get your child more used t... Read More »

Can a homeschooled child become a doctor?

Children who are homeschooled from kindergarten through high school can attend college just as any other child who has attended a public or private school outside the home. Homeschooled children ha... Read More »

How to Encourage Your Child to Be a Doctor when Grown up?

It has to be their choice, and we must never push them in the direction we think is best for them: if we do that, then a child may even go the opposite way to define oneself. As parents, we want to... Read More »

Should you see an allergy doctor about your child's asthma?

Answer Yes you should. For both asthma and allergies, a doctor in general practice may not recognize allergies. Some doctors do recognize and treat allergies while others do not. An allergist (some... Read More »