At what age should a child see an eye doctor?

Answer A child should first visit the eye doctor when he is in the age range of three to six months old. He should also visit the eye doctor again at the age of three years. After the age of three, a chil... Read More »

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Should a doctor report the abuse of a child?

All states in the United States, as well as many other countries, have laws that require doctors to report evidence of child abuse. The doctor should always report his or her suspicions and leave i... Read More »

How old should a child be to ride in the car without a carseat or what is the weight the child should be?

AnswerThis is regulated individually by each state, so you should check with the driving manual or on the dmv website of the state where you are driving. Typically, there is a weight limit for the ... Read More »

My doctor said I should have at most two martinis a night. What should the other 12 drinks be?

one burboun, one scotch and ten beers!!!!!

What child did Doctor Who meet in the blitz?