At what age should I stop breastfeeding by child?

Answer You should never breastfeed by child. They are not old enough to produce milk, much less the little boys.

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When to stop breastfeeding?

you need an avitar face. I can say that cause'I'm your sister! No, really....I am really her sister. I have already told you what to do when he bites so I don't have to answer the question...I just... Read More »

Breastfeeding a 3 yr. old should I stop?

As long as your daughter's teeth are fine, it's fine to continue breastfeeding as you are. Before I explain my answer, I want to go off topic for a moment. Too many moms here seem to want to make... Read More »

How to Stop Breastfeeding Quickly?

Eventually, all mothers who breast feed will reach the point where the time has come to end breastfeeding. Generally, this is a gradual process that will allow baby, mom and mom’s body a chance t... Read More »

How to Stop Breastfeeding Without Pain?

Though rare, it is not impossible for a weaning mom to experience absolutely no discomfort at all during the weaning process. However, most women will experience some form of discomfort, and this i... Read More »