At what age should I stop breastfeeding by child?

Answer You should never breastfeed by child. They are not old enough to produce milk, much less the little boys.

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Breastfeeding a 3 yr. old should I stop?

As long as your daughter's teeth are fine, it's fine to continue breastfeeding as you are. Before I explain my answer, I want to go off topic for a moment. Too many moms here seem to want to make... Read More »

At what age should a child stop getting fed from the breast ?

Actually doctors say there is not much nutrients left by that time. Personally I think one year is more than enough time.

Why should child abuse stop?

Because it leaves the child with physical and psychological scars that can forever hinder their happiness in life. It's not fair that someone should take a child's happiness away and leave them con... Read More »

Why should you stop child abuse and how?

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