At what age is it appropriate to start feeding a child Vegemite?

Answer I hate to spoil your enthusiasm but I think vegemite is like marmite. Those black thick paste that taste horribly metallic taste. I feed my daughters homecooked meal than those in jars according to... Read More »

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What would you do to help a child who has feeding problems?

are you sure your child does not have a form of autism. There are many levels of it and 1 thing with autism is texture problems which makes hard for feeding. Fr example my son will eat chicken and... Read More »

When can I start feeding my 9 month old meats?

You can feed your 9 month old basically anything you eat. At 9 months my daughter ate chicken on bbq, boiled or in a stirfry.... beef.. tuna...pork and i would season it without salt but with a few... Read More »

What age did you start feeding your baby finger foods And what?

I started my son on diced cooked carrots and peas, little pieces of cooked potatoe things like that. at about 9 months up until then he really did seem interested he started baby fo... Read More »

When do you start feeding infants baby food?

Most babies are introduced to solid foods when they are 4 to 7 months old. If your baby's tongue-thrust reflex stops, she can support her own head and she is interested in food, then she is ready f... Read More »