At what age is it appropriate to start feeding a child Vegemite?

Answer I hate to spoil your enthusiasm but I think vegemite is like marmite. Those black thick paste that taste horribly metallic taste. I feed my daughters homecooked meal than those in jars according to... Read More »

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Showing a mother breast feeding on a childrens tv show - appropriate?

I really think this is great and to be quite honest the way forward this is going to teach the next generation of children that breastfeeding is nothing to be hidden nor be ashamed off, and i think... Read More »

What would you do to help a child who has feeding problems?

are you sure your child does not have a form of autism. There are many levels of it and 1 thing with autism is texture problems which makes hard for feeding. Fr example my son will eat chicken and... Read More »

What is the appropriate age for a child to have a lollipop?

Answer When they've learning to walk without falling. Even then always tell him/her not to run with the lillipop in their hand (I can still remember my mother telling me that ..... and I was 48!... Read More »

What age is appropriate to start wearing makeup?

That sounds about right. She's wearing very sheer choices, so I think she's either got a mother who is discerning or she herself has good taste (or both).I'm a little concerned about the smudgy ey... Read More »